Hydroseeding is quickly becoming the chosen method to establish a beautiful green lawn. Grass seed, fertilizer, and hydromulch are combined and sprayed onto prepared soil. The seed is protected by an attractive green layer of hydromulch that seals in moisture and prevents light rain washout.

Because the seed is soaked in water, faster germination will occur (within 7-14 days depending on temperature, watering, & weather conditions). Hydroseed will not result in a fast thick, lush lawn but it is economical and effective if follow-up care is followed:

Water diligently (1/2" in the am and another 1/2" in early evening).
Never water in full sun.
You may walk on the surface when watering being careful not to disturb the mulch mat.
Approximately 4-5 weeks after hydroseeding, you should lightly fertilize with additional starter fertilizer. Be sure NOT to fertilize in full sun.
Mow your new lawn 4-6 weeks after planting to stimulate growth and thickness. Set the mower higher at first, then gradually lower.
Weed prevention should not be used for the first six months after installation.
Thereafter, maintain a fertilizing program of 4-5 applications per year including weed prevention, grub control, and lime.

Regular care and maintenance of your lawn will keep it healthy for many years to come.

Our perennial seed blends are mixed especially for the New England area with seed for shade and full sun and contain fescue, ryegrass & bluegrass seed. These blends will give you years of beautiful lawn.


Our certified lawn care and landscaping staff seem to have a natural green thumb. Right off the bat you will notice a difference in our professionalism and courteous nature. When it comes to lawn care, you can expect us to keep you yard and property healthy and looking fabulous year round.